Friday, March 30, 2018

Boy, 11, Who Plunged From Russian Mall Fire Survived

Tragic Sergei Moskalenko - who fell four storeys and suffered serious injuries in the Kemerovo inferno  has not yet been told his parents and little sister were killed in the appalling fire, say relatives.

The boy, 11, is out of danger and conscious despite multiple fractures after striking an air conditioner and awning as he fell 40 feet to the ground while escaping thick black smoke.

The shocking video of his terrifying fall was seen around the world.

Doctors asked him if he remembered how he came to be in hospital, and he told them: 'I was flying...'

Some witnesses believe his father pushed him as he clung to the window ledge.

If so, the last act of Evgeny, 35, saved the child's life.

His parents and sister were on the inside of the smoking window from where he jumped - and this is where they died.

Sergei hit obstacles as he fell but was caught by men holding a rug below.

Funerals for Evgeny, mother Olesya, 30, and sister Ksenia, four, have been held in the Russian city.

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