Thursday, May 31, 2018

HiFL® releases official theme song, N200,000 up for grabs!!!

The stage is set for the maiden edition of HiFL® games to begin on July 28th, 2018. The Higher Institution Football League (HiFL®) in its bid to create excitement for players and fans at the HiFL® games, has released a theme song titled “Game Changers”. The theme song will ramp up excitement during the games, and encourage participation in the league across all tertiary institutions.

Players and fans can listen and sing along to the theme song which will be played before and at intervals during the games to the delight of everyone at the stadium. Fans are encouraged to download the theme song off the HiFL® website;, make their own covers of the song and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes.

HIFL® is part of a collective effort at youth development in Nigeria and will open up boundless opportunities for participating schools as arrangements have been made to have local and international networks of scouts, coaches and trainers watch the games to discover and groom outstanding students who wish to grow their careers in football.

Follow HiFL® across all social media platforms @HiFLNigeria for more information about the upcoming games.

Halima Abubakar Throws It Back To Teen Days

It’s Throwback Thursday today and Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar decided to throw it back to her teen days. She wrote;

''My love for two piece started early 😂💕such beauty #TBT of Gods love and grace 💥''

Woman Born Without A Vagina Has Become The First In The World To Have One Made Out Of FISH SKIN

A woman born without a vagina has become the first in the world to undergo reconstructive surgery to have one built out of fish skin.

Jucilene Marinho, 23, from Ceará, Brazil, underwent a neovaginoplasty in April last year after being born with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hause (MRKH) left her with no cervix, uterus or ovaries.

The procedure, performed at the Federal University of Ceara involved creating an opening where Ms Marinho's vagina should have been before inserting a genital-shaped mould lined with the skin of the freshwater fish tilapia.

The fish skin was then absorbed into her body and transformed into tissue that lines the vaginal tract.

After spending three weeks in hospital, Ms Marinho - the first of four patients given the procedure - was discharged and is now thrilled with the results.

She said: 'My family and friends took me out to "toast" my new vagina!'

Ms Marinho, who spiraled into a deep depression when she thought she would never have an intimate relationship, has even been able to have sex for the first time with her boyfriend of over a year Marcus Santos, 24.

She added: 'It was a wonderful moment because everything worked perfectly. There was no pain just a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction.'

'I thought my world had ended'

Despite being born with MRKH, Ms Marinho was not diagnosed until she was 15 years old.

She had a normal puberty and even experienced menstrual cramps despite never having a period.

Speaking of her diagnosis, Ms Marinho said: 'I cried a lot when I found out.

'I thought my world had ended.

'I'd always dreamed of having a baby of my own now I had to accept that wouldn't be possible.'

After having the operation, Ms Marinho experienced minor internal bleeding but was told she could have sex at the end of last year.   

She said: 'At first I was very scared to do it because I thought it would hurt and I was worried it might damage the opening.

'I didn't feel any discomfort and there was no bleeding.

'Everything felt sensitive in what I'm told is the right and normal way. It was perfectly natural like the opening had always been there.

'It felt so good to have something the majority of women take for granted.'

Woman Loses Marriage For Starving Husband Of S*X

Chief Ademola Odunade, the President of a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, on Thursday dissolved an 11 year-old marriage between one Nurudeen Akinpelu and Folake over sexual starvation and promiscuity.

Odunade granted custody of the two children produced by the union to the husband, Nurudeen and urged Folake to avoid further problems with the plaintiff. “If Folake is interested in seeing any of the children, she should approach the court at anytime,” Odunade said.

The plaintiff, an Arabic teacher said that his spouse had cultivated the habit of starving him of sex. “My lord, I am completely frustrated with this horrible experiences Folake had made me undergo over the past 11 years of our union.

“I discovered that after we had our two children, she started exhibiting strange behaviors such as regularly starving me of sex. “Whenever I ask her for this conjugal rite, Folake pushes me away, telling me to look elsewhere to satisfy my sexual urge.

“I kept my calm until one day, when I saw a sheet of paper in her bag she just got from a medical center stating when the family planning she did will be expire.

“I decided to keep watching until not too long after I came across another sheet of paper reminding her of the date to commence another family planning method. “My lord, I became mad and wanted to do something dangerous to her.

“How can a housewife who has not been having sexual intercourse be doing family planning on regular basis. “She stole my children one day and it took me one and a half years to locate them. “I had to report her at the nearest police station where the children were handed back to me,’’ Nurudeen explained.

 However, the respondent who agreed to the divorce, could not deny most of the allegations leveled against her. Folake told the court that she was only visiting miracle centres on mountains. “Nurudeen has not been taking good care of me and the children. “He is fond of beating me whenever there is any misunderstanding between us,” Folake stated.


Loved Up Photos Of Olamide & Fiancée

Man Bags 2 Years In Prison For Raping 4-Year-Old

A Plateau State High Court on Thursday sentenced a 40-year-old man, Sani Usman to two years imprisonment for raping a minor.

The judge, Justice Iliya Ashoms, handed down the sentence on Usman who had been on bail, after the court found him guilty of committing the crime.

Ashoms however, gave the convict an option to pay a fine of N100, 000 for the second year prison term, adding that Usman must serve the first prison term without any option.

He said that the sentence was to serve as a deterrent to those who might want to commit similar acts.

During the arraignment, counsel to the convict, Mr Mahan Mahuyai, had prayed the court to be lenient on his client stating that he was a widower and had five children who needed parental guidance.

Mahuyai, added that if long prison sentence was given, the children would be without parents in their lives which could lead them to get involved in social vices.

Earlier during the arraignment, the prosecutor, Mr Ibrahim Saleh of the Plateau State Ministry of Justice, had told the court that the convict committed the crime at his residence located opposite Plateau Academy, Bukuru on November 11, 2014.

Saleh said that the accused who was a neighbour to the victim lured the minor into his room and raped her.

He said that the victim‘s mother was about to bath her to go for Arabic school at about 4p.m when the accused suddenly lured the little girl into his room and had carnal knowledge of her while the mother was outside the house.

He added that the mother later saw the victim walking with difficulty, with blood gushing from her private part.

Saleh added that when the victim was interrogated, she led her parents to the accused after which he was handed over to the police.

Plane Forced To Make Emergency Landing After One Passenger's Body Odour Makes Others Faint

A plane was forced to make an emergency landing after a passenger's "unbearable" body odour caused other holiday-makers around him to vomit and faint.

The Transavia flight to the Spanish holiday island of Gran Canaria was forced to make an unexpected detour when travellers became distressed by the stench of a man who "smelt like he hadn't washed in weeks".

The man smelt so bad other passengers started to faint and vomit after the flight took off from Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands.

Staff on board the Transavia service reportedly tried to quarantine him in a toilet of the Boeing 737 before the pilots were forced to divert the flight.

They landed in Faro in southern Portugal so the foul-smelling man could be removed from the flight.

A picture taken by one of the passengers shows medical personnel escorting the man from the aeroplane into a bus.

Belgian passenger Piet van Haut was one of the passengers on board the plane and described the stench of the man as "unbearable".

He said: "It was like he hadn't washed himself for several weeks. Several passengers got sick and had to puke."

Transavia confirmed the emergency landing saying it was due to "medical reasons".

It is not known if the medical reasons related to the man or other passengers on the plane who were ill due to the stench.

A Transavia spokesman said: "The aeroplane diverted because of medical reasons, but it is indeed right that he smelled quite a bit."

Amber Rose Opens Up About Her Breast Reduction

When the size of Amber Rose’s breasts started to negatively impact her health and well being, she decided to have them reduced — a decision she contemplated for nearly three years.

“I was scared that I wouldn’t feel sexy anymore, but it got to the point where I literally was in pain,” Rose tells PEOPLE. “It was almost as if I had like a heavy backpack on my chest.”

Rose says her breast size also affected her ability to exercise, and to perform with Maksim Chmerkovskiy on Dancing with the Stars in 2016.

“My boobs slowed me down. And, my partner, Maks, would be like, ‘Come on! Hurry up, faster, faster, faster.’ And, I’m like, ‘Dude, I can’t go any faster! I’m like in pain. I literally cannot move that fast,’ ” she says.

Although Rose was worried about scarring, the model made the decision to go through with the surgery after the pain became unbearable.

“I got my boobs when I was 14, but I would say, over the years, as my weight fluctuated, my boobs fluctuated. And, so, after I had my son, I mean, my boobs, they got bigger.

They got way, way bigger. They definitely made me look older when I was a teenager, and also, I felt it made me look heavier as well because they were so big,” says Rose, whose breasts were a 36H cup size naturally.

“They weren’t implants or anything like that and so, my back was hurting me. There was times I would just walk and just stop and be like … it would kill me. And, so, at that point, I was like, this is more of like a health issue, where I have to get this done.”

Denmark Bans Full-Face Veil In Public Spaces

Denmark on Thursday became the latest European country to ban the Islamic full-face veil in public spaces in a move slammed by human rights campaigners as “a violation of women’s rights.”

“Anyone who wears a garment that hides the face in public will be punished with a fine,” says the law, which was passed by 75 votes to 30 in the Danish parliament.

Presented by the center-right government, the legislation was also backed by the Social Democrats and the far-right Danish People’s Party.

The new rule will take effect on August 1.

Wearing a burqa, which covers a person’s entire face, or the niqab, which only shows the eyes, in public will lead to a fine of 1,000 kroner ($156).

The ban also targets other accessories that hide the face such as balaclavas and false beards. Repeated violations will be fined up to 10,000 kroner.

It is not known how many women wear the niqab and burqa in Denmark.

Meat Of Sick, Dead Animals Sold In Nasarawa Market- Commissioner

Nasarawa State Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Mr. Jameel Zakari, says some butchers in the state have been selling meat of sick and dead animals to customers.

He told the News Agency of Nigeria on Thursday in Lafia that his ministry had discovered the unwholesome practice and therefore vowed to sanction any butcher caught in the act.

“The ministry of agriculture is working with security agencies to ensure that all those perpetrating this act are arrested and brought to justice in order to safeguard the health of the people.

“We recently busted some of them in the act and discovered that they often slaughter sick or even dead animals between 12 midnight and 3 a.m., which they bring to the market.

“That is why you will notice that some of the meats you buy from the market are often tasteless,” he said.

According to him, the act is criminal and will not be condoned by the government.

He noted that about 60 per cent of diseases affecting humans were animal-related, hence the need to check the excesses of the butchers in order to safeguard people from health hazards.

Zakari also said that the ministry recently issued warning to fishermen using chemicals in fishing, saying it would henceforth view such acts seriously.

He said the practice was endangering the fish species, as most of them were not allowed to grow to maturity.


Buhari Signs Not-Too-Young-To-Run Bill Into Law

President Muhammadu Buhari has signed the Not-Too-Young-To-Run Bill into law today.

The law reduces the age qualification for president from 40 to 30; governor from 35 to 30; senator from 35 to 30; House of Representatives membership from 30 to 25 and State House of Assembly membership from 30 to 25.

Serena Williams Reveals How She Struggled Growing Up Alongside Beautiful Sister Venus

We've already seen her on court in a striking black catsuit. Pictured running in another skin-tight all-in-one – this time in a rainbow of colours – Serena Williams clearly isn't shy of outfits that scream: Look at me.

But the 23-time Grand Slam champion hasn't always been a picture of confidence.

The tennis star has revealed how she struggled growing up alongside her 'thin, tall and beautiful' sister Venus.

It has taken the 36-year-old time to accept her body – but she now sees it as her 'weapon'.

She told Harper's Bazaar magazine: 'It was hard for me... I was different to Venus: she was thin and tall and beautiful, and I am strong and muscular – and beautiful, but, you know, it was just totally different.'

In 2004, Miss Williams said she wanted to lose weight and get down to a size 4 – a UK size 8. But she told the magazine, for whom she posed in a variety of eyecatching outfits: 'Oh God, I'll never be a size 4! Why would I want to do that, and be that?'

'This is me, and this is my weapon and machine.'

The sportswoman, who gave birth last year to her first child, Alexis Olympia, added: 'But I love that I said that, because I can understand. I can show Olympia that I struggled, but now I'm happy with who I am and what I am and what I look like.

'Olympia was born and she had my arms, and instead of being sad and fearful about what people would say about her, I was just so happy'.

Jail Was Quite Productive, Sinzu Reveals

Rapper Sauce Kid now known as Sinzu who just got signed on to Davido's record label, DMW in an interview with Ovie of NotJustOkTv has revealed jail was quiet productive for him.

While speaking with Ovie, Sinzu said in his first year in prison he wrote about 180 songs and in his second year, he wrote 120 songs, which makes it all 300 songs writen by him while behind bars.

He also stated he was coming out fully now that he is back home and revealed he will be working with FalztheBahdguy. Sinzu also revealed he worked in jail and earned $16 a month. Welcome back!

Another Former Nigerian Governor Sent To Prison Over 'Fraud'

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC Kaduna office, on Thursday May 31, 2018 arraigned the former Governor of Kaduna State, Ramalan Yero; former Minister of State, Nuhu Somo Wya; former PDP Kaduna State Chairman, Abubakar Haruna Gaya and the former Secretary to the State Government, Hamza Ishaq.
They were arraigned before Justice S.M. Shuaibu of the Federal High Court Kaduna on a Four Count charge bordering on Criminal Conspiracy, Bribery, Money Laundering and Criminal Diversion to the tune of N7000,000,000 (Seven Hundred Million Naira).

They all pleaded not guilty to the charges. Lead prosecution counsel, Joshua Saidi then prayed the Court for a date for commencement of trial, while remanding the accused persons in prison custody.
Lead defence counsel, Yunus Ustaz Usman (SAN) made application for bail orally but Justice Shuaibu refused. The Court ruled that formal applications for bail of the accused must be filed. He therefore adjourned the matter to the 6th of June, 2018 for hearing of bail application. He also ruled that the former Governor and others be remanded in prison.
Their arraignment followed a petition alleging criminal diversion of One Hundred and Fifteen Million Dollars equivalent to Twenty Three Billion, Two Hundred and Ninety Nine Million, Seven Hundred and Five Thousand Naira (N 23, 299,705,000.00) NNPC missing funds some years ago by the former Minister of Petroleum Resources Mrs Diezani Alison Madueke. The missing sum was later traced to have funded the bribing of officials across the 36 state of the federation for the 2015 presidential election through Fidelity Bank.
Investigations into the case has so far revealed that the over Twenty Billion Naira was wired to some top PDP and INEC officials across the country which was specifically disbursed through various branches of the Fidelity Bank with Kaduna State benefitting over N800 million (Eight Hundred Million Naira) only in two instalments of N700,000,000 and N190,000,000. 
The sum was received and acknowledged by Nuhu Somo Waya, Abubakar Gaya Haruna and Hamza Ishaq on behalf of the State for onward sharing to INEC staff spread across the 23 Local Government Areas in Kaduna State.
Count one of the charge reads: "that you, Mukhtar Ramalan Yero (Whilst being the Executive Governor of Kaduna State ), Nuhu Somo Wya (Whilst being a former Minister of the Fedearl Republic of Nigeria), Ishaq Hamza (whilst being the Secretary to the Kaduna State Government) and Abubakar Gaya Haruna (Whilst being the Chairman PDP Kaduna State Chapter), sometime in 2015 in Kaduna within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court (Federal High Court) did conspire amongst yourselves to commit a crime to wit: indirectly taking possession of the of N700, 000, 000 (seven hundred million Naira) which you ought to have known forms part of unlawful activity to wit: bribery and thereby committed an offence contrary to Section 18(a)of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act 2011 (as amended) in 2012 and punishable under Section 15(3) of the Same Act."

Ariana Grande & New Boyfriend Go Official On Instagram

She only split from boyfriend of nearly two years Mac Miller earlier this month.

But pop star Ariana Grande has already moved on with new boyfriend Pete Davidson - and they are already Instagram official.

On Wednesday, Saturday Night Live star Pete uploaded a shot of them enjoying a fun day at Harry Potter World, while both sporting branded black robes and jumpers/

Comedian Pete is wearing a grey Gryffindor jumper, while Ariana is sporting a Slytherin one.

A smitten Pete sweetly captioned the shot: "The chamber of secrets has been opened ..."
The singer wrote underneath the snap: "U tryna slytherin (I'm deleting my account now)."

The pair, both 24, are said to have known each other since Ariana hosted SNL back in 2016.

Ariana and Mac, real name Malcolm McCormick, split earlier this month, though sources said they'd been having trouble for some time.

She later branded their relationship "toxic" and defended her reasons for ending the relationship.

Gov Ambode Endorses Joseph Yobo Sports Academy

Yobo disclosed this online, saying;  ''It was an absolute pleasure to meet His Excellency, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode. Thank you for endorsing the Joseph Yobo sports Academy project. #JosephYoboSportsAcademyProject #jehovaOverdo #forevergrateful''

Photo Of Femi Otedola & Fashola In 2007

The Billionaire shared the throwback photo of himself and then Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola in 2007. Fashola is now a Minister in the Buhari administration.

''Opposite S*x'' Besties Are Decoy Names For Side Chicks/Side Niggas, Juliet Ibrahim Says

Juliet is so on the money hahaha. Some people will deny this, but deep down you know it's the truth. Guilty lots, lol. So Juliet has been having these debate with her friends and decided to bring it online. She says she believes opposite sex besties have once 'shagged' or are decoy names for side chicks or niggas, lol.

She wrote; ''I have been discussing this topic with my friends and I thought I’ll share with you. I told my friends that I believe in most cases; opposite sex besties are decoy names for side chicks or side niggas. In the sense that; most of these besties secretly have a crush on each other and are just waiting for the right time to be the one to come to the rescue or be the shoulder to lean on. Or, maybe they had a thing once or twice before and decided to just stay friends.''
Oya debate!

Photos: 8 Year -Old Dies While Burning Refuse With Petrol

A young boy, 8-year old precisely has died after he and his younger brother decided to burn the refuse packed in their compound with petrol. The two got burnt severally in the process, but the elder one, who also happens to be the first son of the family gave up the ghost. Facebook user, Chioma Uzoh shared the sad story.

MAPOLY Student Dies During Child Birth, Twins Survive [Photos]

Olatundun Alexander Borokini, an HND 2 student of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ogun State, has died. Borokini who was pregnant with twins died from complications shortly after giving birth to her babies.

She was delivered of her twins at a private hospital on Monday before developing complications. She was then referred to the Federal Medical Centre, FMC Idi-aba, Abeokuta. The vechile conveying her to the hospital however became faulty on the way, time was delayed and Borokini gave up the ghost. MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE.

Zidane Resigns As Real Madrid Manager

Zinedine Zidane has shocked the football world by resigning as Real Madrid coach just days after winning a third consecutive Champions League with the La Liga giants.

At a news conference scheduled at short notice on Thursday, the 45-year-old confirmed he would step down following Saturday's 3-1 victory over Liverpool in Kiev saw him become the first coach ever to lift the European Cup three years in a row.

Zidane said: "I have made the decision to not continue next year as manager of Real Madrid. This is a strange moment but a very important moment. And I had to do this for everyone. This team must continue winning and it needs a change that will be good for everyone.

"Madrid has given everything to me and I will be close to this club for the rest of my life. But the team needs another methodology and that is why I have made this decision. For me and for everyone, today, a change is needed and that is why I have reached this decision. I am grateful to the fans.

"There are difficult moments when you can wonder whether you are the right person still. I do not forget the hard times, as well as the good times, and that makes you reflect. And this is the right moment. The players need a change, I want to thank them too, as in the end they are the ones who fight on the pitch. This is a demanding club, not easy for them, with this great history. We always want more from the players, and a moment comes when I cannot ask them for more. They need another voice, to return to winning again.

"I am doing this for the good of this team, for this club. It would have been difficult for me to win again next year. There have been good moments, but also difficult times. I do not forget that. And at this club, you must know this. I do not want to start a season and have a bad time, I want to end with Real Madrid when everything is going well. I did it as a player, and now again as a coach. This the right moment to end things well.

"There are many reasons for this. I am not tired of coaching, after three years. But it is the moment to [leave] here... I am not going to coach another team [right away]."

Zidane's retirement as a Real Madrid player in 2006 also came as a surprise, when the then 33-year-old decided to hang up his boots in the aftermath of that year's World Cup final despite having another year on his club contract.

Diamond Bank Invests In The Future- Rewards 30 Youth Account Holders With Scholarships

Diamond bank has rewarded 30 customers with N100,000 each in the just concluded Diamond Future and Cool-Teens School Fees Saver Scholarship draw held at the bank’s head office in Lagos.

The School Fees Savers Scholarship scheme is specially targeted at parents with children / wards in preschool, primary and secondary school. This initiative is aimed at driving customer loyalty and easing lifestyle challenges by rewarding them with scholarship opportunities.

Speaking at the draw, Adaeze Ume, Head Personal Banking, Diamond Bank Plc said “The principal goal of the School Fees Savers Scholarship scheme is to promote a savings culture amongst parents and guardians to save for their children / wards’ school fees.

This is a good way for parents to fund their children’s education, whilst diversifying their investments. It is also our way of reassuring customers of our promise to provide value added services on their customer journey with us”.

To participate in the School Fees Savers Scholarship Scheme, customers can simply open a Diamond Future or Cool-Teens account, maintain a monthly average balance of N25, 000 or set up a Standing Instruction of N10, 000 & above to qualify.

Moses Joins Super Eagles Training In London

Super Eagles winger, Victor Moses has joined his teammates in London ahead of Saturday's pre-World Cup tune-up friendly match against England at Wembley.

Moses, who was giving an additional week to rest after helping Chelsea to defeat Man United in an FA Cup final a fortnight ago, missed the team's 1-1 draw against DR Congo on Monday in Port Harcourt in another friendly game.

However, confirming Moses arrival in camp was the Nigeria Football Federation on their official twitter handle on Thursday.

“Victor Moses has joined the team in camp, everybody is in now,” the NFF tweeted.

Scott Disick Steps Out With Kris And Kendall Jenner

He split from Kourtney Kardashian in 2015 after a nine year relationship and three children together.

Scott Disick is on 'better terms' with former partner Kourtney, according to People.

The 35-year-old reality star was spotted on Wednesday leaving Nobu with his son Mason, Kourtney's mom Kris Jenner and her boyfriend Corey Gamble, as well as Kendall Jenner.

A source said: 'Scott and Kourtney are on better terms. He was hung up on Kourtney forever and really wanted to make that relationship work, but he's finally come to terms with the fact that she's moved on.'

Alongside improving his relationship with Kourtney, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is also said to be cleaning up his act, after being known for his partying lifestyle.

The insider added to People magazine: 'He's not partying like he was just a year ago and seems to be in a healthier place mentally and physically. Everyone in the family is really happy with how he's doing lately.'

The news comes after it was recently reported that Kourtney now 'trusts' Scott's new beau Sofia - who is the daughter of music legend Lionel Richie - with helping to look after her brood.

People's source said: 'It helps that Kourtney now trusts Sofia. The kids are allowed to spend time with her. Sofia likes having them and helps Scott. So far, the kids are giving Kourtney good reports about Sofia.

Lampard Appointed Derby Manager On 3-Year Deal

Frank Lampard has been appointed the new manager of Derby County on a three-year contract. The former Chelsea midfielder takes on his first managerial role after retiring as a player last year.

The 39-year-old was one of 20 applicants for the position and becomes Derby's seventh manager in the last three years.

Speaking for the first time as Derby manager, Lampard said the club would be targeting a top-six finish next season.

“I’ve always wanted to manage a club with a big tradition and history like Derby County, so this is a huge opportunity. I have spent considerable time discussing the role and the club’s objectives with the Chairman and board members," said Lampard.

Francis Duru And Wife Celebrate 15th Wedding Anniversary

Nollywood actor, Francis Duru and his wife are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary today.

Taking to his IG page, Francis wrote; 15years together.. Glued for oneness.. It's our wedding anniverssary.. We give God tnx. ..for Frances.. Soso.. Ifeanyi.. My wife my love thank you.. We give all glory to the most high God whose mercy.. Grace and favour has kept us together... We give you tnx.

Zidane Steps Down As Real Madrid Coach

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is leaving the European champions after winning an unprecedented third straight Champions League title, he told a news conference on Thursday.

"I think it's the moment, both for me, the team and the club (to step down). It's a strange moment to do so, I know, but an important one too. I had to do this for everyone," he said.

"This side should carry on winning and needs a change for this. After three years it needs another voice, another method of work, for this I took this decision."

Amir Khan Celebrates Fifth Wedding Anniversary

 Amir Khan has rang in his wedding anniversary to wife Faryal Makhdoom with a loving post, despite recent cheating allegations surrounding the boxer. 

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday evening, the 31-year-old sportsman shared an image from the couple's wedding day with a loving note in which she was tagged - although the cosmetics guru is yet to respond to the star.

The post comes shortly after Faryal broke her silence following claims he cheated on her days after the arrival of their second child, as she touched on 'enduring hardship' following his alleged night of passion with beautician Sophia Hammani, 22.

Amir's loving display proved he is truly putting the woes behind him as he shared the sweet snap of the glamorously clad pair on their special day. Simply wishing her happy anniversary and tagging her Instagram page in the post - only for the image to be met with silence from his wife.

Court Awards N5m Against Clarence Peters For Copyright Infringement.

The Federal High Court in Lagos has entered judgment against music video director, Clarence Peters, for alleged copyright infringement.

The judgment delivered by Justice Mojisola Olatoregun was in favour of Uwana Victor and Akan Victor, trading under the name, Black Alliance.

The judge, in the May 4, 2018 judgment, held that, “In the circumstances of this case, I have no doubt that the defendant (Peters) took advantage of the plaintiffs and infringed on their copyright.

“Both general and special damages are compensatory damages. General damages are loses which flow naturally from the defendant’s conduct and its quantum need not be pleaded or proved as it is generally presumed by law. Peters has, however, headed for the Court of Appeal, seeking to set aside the judgment.

Strange Moving Object Found Buried Deep Under 5-Storey Mansion

Oh dear! We live in Nigeria where evil is common, even people going to church and clapping hands with you are Demonic Agents who can destroy you if you're not a strong Christian. This is reality; it doesn't matter if you believe or not.

The recent tragedy in Onitsha, the commercial hub of Anambra State, where diggers exhumed a fetish object at Egerton Street, buried deep inside the floor of a 5-storey mansion is an eloquent testimony that the world is full of evil and the more you look, the less you see. The object contained in a pot of clay according to the diggers was running around as they tried to exhume it. What!!

They also said that the pot containing the mysterious object was making noise as it moved from one end of the pit to another. The diggers, who did not want their names in print, said: “We are here to dig this place for the installation of overhead water tank. We have digged almost 20ft before we stumbled on this object. We raised an alarm when the object started shaking and subsequently rolled from one end of the wall to another.

“This attracted the attention of passersby as we scampered for safety. The man, who contracted us was not in the house. We managed to over-power the object and that is what you see there, near the white bucket in a clay pot.

"We have to make sure we complete our job and collect our money because whatever was buried here was not our portion and not for us”, one of the diggers said.

Some of the passers-by alleged that most mansion in big cities are built on top of some devilish objects.

A man, who gave his name as Pastor Dickson Onuma, disclosed that in the course of his evangelical missions, he had been used to exhuming fetish objects, in families, shops, and private home. Sometimes, they will exhume casket, human skulls and so much more.

“You don’t know what this was meant for but believe it or leave it, is for devilish intentions.”

Some tenants can live in a house for up wards of 20 – 30 years. They will continue to expirience hardship, impotency, poverty and what have you. Unless you give your life to Christ, you can’t survive this situation,” the Pastor warned.

Another man said some bury their witchcraft in their houses and tenants will continue to pay house rent without any achievement.

“There are some places where one will live and children will be dying one after the other.

These things are real and this will serve as an eye opener for those who witnessed this today. However, there are those who do this to protect their lives, especially the occult men and women.

So, this is not peculiar to the Igbo people. It is seen mostly in every other part of the country.”

Meanwhile, all efforts by our correspondent to speak with the landlord of the house proved abortive.

For three consecutive times, this correspondent visited the house, there were indication that people have deserted the building, as only very few children were sighted at the second floor of the 5-storey building hanging at the corridor, looking innocently at the bewildered members of the public, who cluster near the building discussing in low tone and pointing fingers at the house..

A vulcanizer, who works in front of the house, told our correspondent that he only sighted the landlord once since the incident happened but it seems he has travelled. When asked if he knows if he took the object away, he said ‘no’ but the object is no longer there. He said that some of the tenants in the house have also not been seen as before.

“I don’t know about them but I have not seen some of them drive in or out as they used to do before that thing happened. I am not their gateman and I can’t speak for anybody, sir”

Source: New Telegraph

Sylvester Stallone's Ex-Wife Is Pregnant At 54

Sylvester Stallone's ex-wife Brigitte Nielsen, 54, is pregnant. The Red Sonja actress shared the news to Instagram on Wednesday morning, with a photograph of herself dressed in a white dress as she placed her hands on her large baby bump.

The Eighties icon wrote in her caption, 'Family getting larger.' The 6ft1in knockout has been married to Italian TV producer Mattia Dessì, 39, since 2006.

This is the fifth child for the movie star who is best known for 1985's Rocky IV, 1986's Cobra and 1987's Beverly Hills Cop II. She already has sons Julian, 34, Killian, 28, Douglas, 25, and Raoul, 23.
Nielsen was previously married to Raoul Meyer from 1993 to 2003, Sebastian Copeland from 1990 until 1992, Sylvester Stallone from 1985 until 1987 and Kasper Winding from 1983 until 1984.

Libya Deports 221 Illegal Immigrants

The Libyan authorities deported 221 illegal immigrants from African and Asian countries as part of the immigration department’s voluntary return programme.

The department said in the statement that 163 Somali nationals had left for their home country on an airplane of local airliner Al-Buraq.

The department said the deportation was in cooperation with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). “This is the first direct flight to leave Tripoli’s M’etiga international airport to the Somali capital Mogadishu,” the department said.

PUNCH Chairman, Wale Aboderin, Dies At 60

The Chairman, Punch Nigeria Limited, Mr. Gbadebowale Wale  Aboderin, is dead. He died on Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 6.05am after a heart surgery at the age of 60.

He was also Chairman Punch Commercial Printing Limited  and  Lukahed Properties Limited. He is survived by his wife, Titilayo and two daughters, Nicole and Cherelle. May God rest his soul.

Another Yahoo Boy Sentenced To Prison In Lagos (Photo)

This lifestyle of defrauding your fellow human beings of their hard earned money just to live a fake life leading to destruction; how far are all these lazy young men involved in such mess ready to destroy their lives? Sigh!

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has secured the conviction and sentencing of one Taiwo Michael Okunowo, an Internet fraudster, before Justice S.O. Solebo of the State High court sitting in Ikeja, Lagos on a one-count charge bordering on obtaining money by false pretence and possession of fraudulent documents.

The convict was arrested following intelligence report received by the Commission since December 15, 2017 about his fraudulent activities.

The count reads: “That you, Taiwo Michael Okunowo, (aka Holly Herlich, Mark Welsh, Steven Staller), on or about the 16th day of December, 2017, at Lagos within the Ikeja judicial Division, had in your possession documents containing false pretence titled- “Facebook & Government Compensation Winning Certificate, Treasure Grant Winners Certificate and Facebook-brandon M. Micke”- containing false pretence, which you knew to be false.”

The fraudster, who had earlier entered a plea bargain with the Commission, pleaded guilty to the charge preferred against him by the Commission.

Delivering his judgment today, Justice Solebo found the defendant guilty of the one-count charge and sentenced him to one year imprisonment.