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Face Of The Nigerian Man Caught Trying To Sell Human Eyeball For N250,000 In Niger State

A 35-year-old man, identified as Shuaibu Ibrahim, has been reportedly arrested by the Niger State police for being in possession of a human eyeball.

According to report, Ibrahim, who hails from Safiu village in Toto Local Government of Nasarawa State, told the police the eyeball was to be sold for N250,000,

The police reported that the suspect was arrested in the early hours of yesterday by police detectives attached to Gawu-Babangida Division in Gurara Local Government Area of Niger State, while on routine patrol. It was learnt that the eyeball was removed from a victim during a communal clash between Igbira and Bassa people in Nasarawa State.

It was also learnt that one of Ibrahim’s accomplices, identified simply as Ojo, now at large, gave the eyeball to the suspect to sell in Niger State for N250,000 before he met his waterloo.
Investigation showed that the suspect had been trafficking human parts to other states in the North to make quick money.

Responding to questions, the suspect said that he was the intermediary be-tween Ojo and the buyers of human parts, a business he had been doing for over five years. He said: “My duty is to deliver human parts given to me by Ojo to his clients across the northern states.

We make quick money in this business but I cannot tell what the buyers are using it for. “A lot of people are interested in buying human parts.

But honestly speaking, I don’t know what they use it for; my duty is to deliver as at when due to our clients and collect the money involved.” Asked whether the buyers use the human parts for ritual purposes, Ibrahim said “they must be using it for something; frankly speaking I don’t know. My duty was to carry out the order of my boss (Ojo) to his clients.

“I don’t even ask clients what they are using the human eyeballs to do, but I guess it must be for something serious.”

While confirming the incident, the state Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Muhammad Abubakar, said Ibrahim’s arrest followed information from a member of the public, who drew the attention of the detectives to the suspect.

Abubakar said the suspect confessed that the eyeball, which was meant to be sold at N250,000, was gotten from Nasarawa State during a communal clash in the area. The PPRO added that the matter would soon be charged to court after investigation.

How to Add a Website to Your Chromebook Shelf

Bookmarks are great to keep your favorite sites nearby, but they aren’t the fastest option out there. Instead, why not add shortcuts for your favorite websites right on the Chromebook shelf?

If there’s a site you go to multiple times per day—especially if it’s critical to your business—every added step means more time you have to spend getting where you need to be. Having your favorite websites right on your Chromebook’s shelf (the taskbar at the bottom where you see open app icons) makes getting to them that much quicker.

How to Add Your Favorite Website to Your Chromebook Shelf

Start by visiting the website for which you’d like to have a shortcut. Select the three-dot menu in the upper-right.

Hover over the “More Tools” menu and then select “Create Shortcut.”

Change the name of the shortcut if you want, and then click “Create.”

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Google Sucks at Finishing Things, and YouTube Music is a Perfect Example

Google currently has two music streaming services: Play Music and YouTube Music. The latter is eventually supposed to replace the former, but it’s been out for months with very little real progression.

Andrew Martonik, writing at Android Central, makes an excellent point with a scathing look at the current state of YouTube Music:

Whether you look at it as three years or just six months old, one thing is clear: YouTube Music isn’t finished yet, is filled with issues and is incredibly frustrating to use on a daily basis considering it costs the industry-standard $10 per month.

YouTube Music is so unfinished and lacking features that I question whether Google has any intentions of following through with its vision of replacing Google Play Music entirely. Put simply, I can’t believe Google thinks anyone will pay $10 per month for it when all signs point to Google itself not caring about YouTube Music’s success.

And it couldn’t be truer. Just this morning I found myself toying with the idea of dropping Play Music/YouTube Music and moving my family over to Spotify. But then I remembered the kicker: YouTube Premium.

Martonik also points out that the real value in Google’s music streaming service(s) is the inclusion of YouTube Premium, which removes ads from all YouTube Videos (including movies)—so really, we’re all just paying for YouTube Premium and getting a music service for free. I’m completely in agreement with his assessment, because currently, both of Google’s music services treat subscribers like second-class citizens (even in Google’s own apps) and aren’t worth the monthly premium when compared to services like Spotify and Apple Music.

If Google truly plans on replacing Play Music—which is currently much better than YouTube Music, despite its own set of drawbacks—with YouTube Music, then it has a lot of work to do.

 via Android Central

TEARS! Lawyer Killed Hours After Being Called To Bar (Photos)

This is heartbreaking. A promising Nigerian lawyer has been sent to his untimely grave following a scuffle he had with some members of a vigilante group.

The death of Okeya Adeshina, a Law graduate of the Ekiti State University and son of a prominent Ekiti politician came just hours after he was called to Bar, with his parents in attendance.

According to reports, he was killed during an argument with members of a vigilante group last night, in Kubwa area of the FCT, Abuja.

He was returning from a party hours after being called to bar. How sad!

Amazon’s New Part Finder Tool Helps You Upgrade Your PC

Upgrading your desktop PC isn’t nearly as hard as you might think, but one of the harder parts is choosing the right…well, parts. Compatibility conflicts can be intimidating for a $1000 machine. Amazon wants to help with its latest feature.

The new “Part Finder” is broadly similar to third-party tools like PCPartPicker, with the advantage of being integrated directly with Amazon’s nigh-limitless product listings. But unlike those more comprehensive tools, Amazon’s only supporting upgrades at the moment, not complete system builds. You’ll need to click “Make sure this fits” in the item description, then enter the model or serial number of an existing laptop or desktop to check and see if the part is compatible. Once you’ve chosen the brand and model, a bar above the listing will show you the results.

That’s the theory, anyway. At the moment the system isn’t displaying on all PC hardware components, and it’s somewhat iffy even on parts from major brands. For example, after entering my ThinkPad T450s on the Part Finder for a Samsung 850 SSD, the tool says “We’re not sure this item fits your computer.” Which is odd, because that’s a pretty standard 2.5-inch form factor going into a full-sized laptop…and I’ve made and documented that exact upgrade here on How-To Geek.

To be fair to Amazon, this is a brand new feature, and there are bound to be some teething troubles. To be less fair, car enthusiasts have noted similar problems with Amazon’s car parts tool, which works along the same general lines. For the moment you should probably double-check with more extensive online tools to make sure your new parts will work, especially if you’re building your computer from the ground up.

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The Best Christmas Projectors And Laser Lights For Illuminating Your House

Tis the season for covering your home in as many decorations as possible. You want to make sure your home looks more festive than your neighbors’, right? We’ve checked out the best Christmas projectors and laser lights for creating the perfect look for the holidays.

Predictably, there are a lot of tacky options out there. Your home deserves better than that, so we’ve focused on just a few choices that will make your house look good and Christmassy throughout the season. You can easily bring such devices back out year after year too, so these are solid investments. Even better, unlike balancing dangerously on a ladder like Clark Griswold you just set them up in the yard on a stake, plug them in, and you’re good to go.

Here’s our pick of Christmas projectors and laser lights.

1byone Christmas Outdoor Laser Light Projector ($30)

The 1byone Christmas Outdoor Laser Light Projector is simple and effective. Simply plug it in, turn it on, and your home or garden is instantly illuminated in green and red lights. The lights can cover up to 2,1000 square feet from a distance of 25 feet, so it’s a perfect projector for large areas. You’re able to set it to motion, flashing, or stationary lights, depending on how you want your Christmas decorations to look.

There’s a built-in timer function with the laser lights automatically turning off after 6 hours of use before turning on again after 18 hours, so you don’t have to worry about fussing with it. There’s also a remote so you can turn it on and off from the warmth of your house. It’s a great way of ensuring your house stands out on the street.

LSIKA-Z RGB Waterproof Laser Christmas Lights ($43)

Another solid entry for laser lights is the LSIKA-Z RGB Waterproof Laser Christmas Lights. They offer green, red, and blue lights over 1,000 square feet. In addition to the extra color option, there are also more options for how things are lit. You can choose to have one color projected or opt for a combination. Timer settings allow for durations of 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours, with flashing or static lights also an option.

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How to Attach Files to Google Calendar Events

Google Calendar Events are a great way to organize meetings, but no meeting is complete without a slideshow, spreadsheet, pictures, or reports. Fortunately, you can easily attach anything from your Google Drive or your local hard drive to an event.

How to Attach Files to Google Calendar Events

Adding attachments to an event gives you an easy way to share materials with attendees ahead of time. It also lets them pull up those materials at the meeting without having to hunt around for them.

Fire up Google Calendar in your web browser and click the red “+” to create a new event.

Next, click the paperclip icon located in the event detail tab to add an attachment.

RELATED: How to Juggle Multiple Google Calendars

You can add files from your Google Drive, files that others have shared with you through Drive, or upload files from your local hard drive. We’ll be using the Google Drive option for this guide, but the others work just the same.

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NFF Motivates Falcons With $10,000 Win Bonus Against South Africa

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), has opted to double the winning bonus of the Super Falcons as a big incentive ahead Saturday’s 11th Women Africa Cup of Nations Final against the Banyana Banyana of South Africa in Accra.

President of the NFF, Amaju Melvin Pinnick, made the pledge when he met with the players and officials at the AH Hotel, Accra on Thursday, as he delivered the good wishes of His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR) and the football –loving populace of Nigeria to the Cup holders.

The Falcons had earned $3,000 for a win in the group phase but were earmarked for $5,000 each for victory in the Final.

“I want to let you know that the Government and the good and great people of Nigeria are happy with your performance in the championship so far. They are looking forwards to you retaining the trophy by beating South Africa on Saturday.

“Let me commend the lofty commitment, dedication and resilience that you have displayed so far in the championship, alongside that unique Nigerian spirit that was most in evidence against the Cameroonians in the semi final. You are indeed true champions, and we believe you will retain the Cup on Saturday. Go out there and win on Saturday and earn yourselves $10,000 each, as against the $5,000 that the NFF earlier promised.”

The two captains, Onome Ebi and Rita Chikwelu on behalf of the team expressed gratitude to His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR), the NFF, the Nigeria media and football –loving Nigerians at home and in the diaspora for their support to the team, and pledged that they will overcome the Banyana Banyana in Saturday’s final in order to return to Nigeria with the trophy.

Donald Trump's Youngest Daughter Is Dating A Man Raised In Lagos [Pictured]

Tiffany Trump is dating a new billionaire construction heir from Nigeria - a country her father referred to as a 's**thole' earlier this year.

Page Six reports that the youngest first daughter brought Michael Boulos, heir of multibillion dollar Nigerian conglomerate Boulos Enterprises, to Thanksgiving dinner at Trumps' Mar-a-Lago.

The pair were spotted in September attending a Taoray Wang show during New York Fashion Week, while Tiffany wore a baby blue dress and sat alongside her new beau.

Despite their public appearance, a source tells Page Six Tiffany is 'happy she has so far been able to keep this with Michael under the radar'.

'She introduced him to her family at Thanksgiving, and he comes across as a very intelligent young man from a great family,' the source said.

'There was no mention of the president's unfortunate comment about African nations,' they added.

The pair met on vacation in Mykonos this summer just after the 25-year-old called it quits with ex-boyfriend Ross Mechanic in the spring, whom she met while attending University of Pennsylvania.

Boulos' family is of Lebanese decent and was raised in Lagos but is now based in London, Page Six reports.

The company specializing in cars, construction and retail.

How To Put Your iPhone or iPad Into Recovery Mode

If your iDevice starts acting strangely and you’ve run through the gamut of normal troubleshooting fixes, Recovery Mode may be your answer. This lets you easily reset the device and re-install iOS using iTunes.

When you reinstall iOS, there’s a chance that you may lose all the data on your phone, so it’s good to stay in the habit of making regular backups on your computer via iTunes or iCloud. With that said, here’s how you can boot your iOS device into Recovery Mode.

First, Make Sure You Have the Latest iTunes Version

First, you’ll need to make sure you’re using the latest version of iTunes. With the program open, head to iTunes > About iTunes.

Make a note of the version you’re using, and check it against this official Apple Support page to see if you’re on the newest release.

With that out of the way, you’re ready to get started. The rest of the procedure varies slightly depending on what device you’re using, so we’ll go over them one at a time.

For iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus or Later

If you’re using an iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, or XR, here’s what to do.

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You Can Now Share Instagram Stories with Only Your Closest Friends

Instagram has added the ability for users to share stories with only a specific subset of people, rather than just anyone who follows them.

Users simply create a “Close Friends” list and then choose to only share certain stories with that group of people. To access the feature, go to your profile in the Instagram app and select “Close Friends List” in the side menu. From there, you can add your closest friends to the list. Whenever you share a story, you’ll have the option of sharing it with everyone or just your Close Friends.

There are a couple of things to be aware of. First, no one can request to be added to your list, so there will never be that awkward part where someone wants to join your list, but you’re not really feelin’ it. Secondly, your friends will know if you’ve added them to your Close Friends list, as a green badge will appear on their end when viewing stories that you’ve shared with only your list.

Better yet, people that you haven’t added to your list won’t see any of your designated stories at all, and won’t even know that they’ve been left out. Savage!

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Mocheddah Dazzles In New Hot Photos

Hair on fleek!!!

Apple Music is Coming to Echo Devices This Holiday Season

If you’re an Apple Music subscriber who also lives in an Echo household, then you’ve likely been irritated by the lack of compatibility between the two. Be annoyed no more, dear music lover, Apple Music is coming to Echo.

Announced today on its Day One blog, Amazon said that Apple Music is coming to Echo devices “this holiday season,” which means we should see it within the next few weeks. Alexa users will be able to request artists, albums, songs, or playlists directly from Apple Music, as well as the “expert-made” radio stations.

Apple Music support brings Echo devices closer to rounding out all the big names when it comes to music streaming—Prime Music, Music Unlimited, Pandora, Deezer, TuneIn, Spotify, and iHeartRadio are all currently available.

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AY Comedian Buys Wife A Lexus SUV As They Celebrate 10th Wedding Anniversary

Beautiful Lady Who Lost Her Right Arm Shares Inspiring Note As She Graduates From Law School

A brilliant lady, Susan Ofume lost her arm some years ago at a tender age. However despite her disability, she has gone ahead to make everyone who knows her proud.

Susan is now a lawyer; got called to bar on Tuesday. Read her message; 

"I am Susan Ofume, I lost my right arm at a very tender age but I didn't loose my mind and focus. I have always dare myself to be different that was why I had to go into the legal profession.

"Thank God today it birthed these great, selfless, unique, beautiful Lawyer Susan Ofume esq I had a dream but today it's made a reality.

"Never give up on yourself for any reason, never. While growing up I told myself that the only way I can be different is to go extraordinary, I made the hard choice at every point in my life.

"Today, it gave birth to this strong, beautiful, selfless Lawyer. SUSAN OFUME ESQ. #calltobar2018"

Offa Robbery Suspects In Court; says "We Are Not Guilty"

The five suspects involved in the Offa robbery incident in which 32 people were killed have pleaded not guilty.

The suspects appeared before the Ilorin High Court to answer to the robbery in Offa, Kwara State on April 5, 2018.

They pleaded not guilty to five counts of conspiracy, robbery, illegal possession of two AK- 47 firearms and culpable homicide.

Their lawyer, Mr Mathias Abaribe, had asked that he be given a week to enable him meet with his clients and prepare for their defence, but the prosecutor raised objections to the request.

The Presiding Judge, Justice Halimah Salma has, however, adjourned the case till January 7, 2019, for the commencement of definite trial.

This development comes days after the Police confirmed the death of one of the principal suspects in the case, Michael Adikwu.

The state’s Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice Kamaldeen Ajibade, had told the court that the police informed him that Adikwu had died in custody.

Did You Know Windows 10 Has a Green Screen of Death?

Everyone’s heard about the blue screen of death (BSOD) that appears when your Windows PC crashes. But did you know Windows 10 has a green screen of death, too?

The green screen of death only appears when you’re running an Insider Preview version of Windows 10. It’s the same as the blue screen of death, and it will show the same error messages.

In other words, anything that triggers a blue screen of death on a normal version of Windows 10 will trigger a green screen of death on an Insider Preview version of Windows 10. The only difference is this screen says you’re using a “Windows Insider Build” and it has a green background instead of a blue one.

The green color highlights that the error was generated by unstable development builds of Windows 10. These Insider builds often have crashes and bugs you wouldn’t experience on a normal version of Windows 10. Microsoft sometimes warns of “green screen” errors Windows Insiders may encounter while running this development software.

If you see a green screen of death (GSOD) on your PC, that’s a sign you’re using an Insider Preview build of Windows 10. The problem could just be a bug in the unstable build, although it could also be a deeper problem with your PC’s hardware or drivers. You won’t know for sure until you go back to a stable version of Windows 10.

Microsoft made this change back in the Creators Update, which was released in April 2017. Before that, Insider builds of Windows 10 used standard blue screens of death.

If you’re using an Insider Preview build of Windows 10 and want to see it for yourself, this registry hack for manually triggering a blue screen still works—and it’ll trigger a green screen with the “MANUALLY INITIATED CRASH” stop code.

RELATED: Everything You Need To Know About the Blue Screen of Death

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The Best Outdoor Smart Plugs For Holiday Lights And More

Tired for drudging out in the cold to plug your lights in? Automate your Christmas lights and decorations with these awesome outdoor-rated smart home plugs.

Nothing is more annoying than going outside to plug in your Christmas lights every night, and then unplugging them in the morning. Not only is it annoying to go out in the cold, but leaving your lights on all night isn’t the most efficient use of power (who’s really enjoying them at 4AM after all). Sure, you could use a simple remote-controlled plug like this one, but a smart plug will be able to fully automate your lights for you with a schedule and can even allow you to turn the lights on and off with your smart home assistants.

Here are some of the best outdoor smart plugs to consider for your Christmas lights, or any other outdoor light fixture or appliance.

Best Cheap, All-Around Option: iClever IC-BS06 Wi-Fi Smart Plug ($30)

If you’re just looking for a cheap and simple way to add smarts to your outdoor Christmas lights, the iClever IC-BS06 smart plug is a great way to go.

At only $30, it’s one of the cheapest outdoor smart plugs on the market, and better yet, it comes with two receptacles that can be individually controlled, so it’s like you’re getting two smart plugs for the price of one.

We’ve written a full review of this product, so be to check that out if you’re interested in buying it. But the gist is that it works with both Alexa and Google Assistant, and it’s IP44-rated, which means it’s protected from water splashes, so it’s good in the rain or snow.

The accompanying app does leave something to be desired, but if you set it on a schedule or use voice control with it, then you shouldn’t even have to deal with the app at all.

Best Z-Wave Option: GE Z-Wave Plus Outdoor Smart Switch ($30)

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Man Caught Attempting To Sell Human Eyeball For N250,000 In Niger State

The Niger State Police Command has arrested Shuaibu Ibrahim,35, of Safiu village in Toto Local Government Area of Nasarawa State with a human eyeball.

According to the police report, operatives attached to the Gawu Babangida Division in Gurara Local Government Area arrested Ibrahim.

It was learnt that the police operatives apprehended the suspect in the early hours of Thursday following a tip-off from a member of the public.

The eyeball was said to have been removed from a victim of a communal clash between the Igbira and Bassa people in Nasarawa State.

Northern City News gathered that one Ojo, now at large, reportedly gave the eyeball to the suspect to sell in Niger State for N250,000.

Further checks revealed that the suspect had been involved in the illegal trafficking of human parts across the northern states for over five years.

The suspect said he was the intermediary between Ojo and his customers, who were buyers of human parts.

Ibrahim said, “My duty is to deliver human parts given to me by Ojo to his clients across the northern states. We make quick money in this business but I cannot tell what the buyers are using the parts for.

“A lot of people are interested in buying human parts but I don’t know what they use them for. My duty is to deliver as and when due to our clients and collect the money.

“I don’t even ask clients what they are using the human eyeballs for, but I guess it must be something serious.”

How to Manually Control Your iPhone Camera (And Why You’d Want To)

Real Story of Pretty Lady Who Ran Mad after She Was Dropped By Yahoo Boys

A young lady named Blessing suddenly lost her sanity after being dropped by some suspected internet fraudsters driving a Lexus SUV along the Ogun-Lagos State expressway two days ago.

As she danced in public, speaking incoherently and playing around in a stinking gutter, many assumed that she was jinxed by ritualists.

This sounded believable due to the spate of ritual killings across Nigeria with youths desperate for quick money fingered in the criminality.

But people who have had personal encounters with Blessing and her family members she has a "challenge". They took to social media to reveal that the 300 level student of the department of Political Science, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba in Ondo State who was on her way to Lagos State has been battling with mental crisis.

A graduate of her school explained that she must have had an attack while being conveyed to Lagos by the guys who might have panicked and decided to drop her on the road and zoom off to avoid any trouble.

Further accounts on social media also corroborated the reports of her on and off incidents of mental imbalance which is also troubling her brother.

They explained that her family has sort orthodox treatment as well as spiritual intervention but all to no avail. The state of Blessing still remains unknown but she has been taken off the street.

Jamil Abubakar’s Alleged Babymama Calls Him Out! You Don't Take Care Of Our Son YET YOU MOCK ME

Former IG's son, Jamil Abubakar is getting called out again by his alleged babymama Chiamaka. Chi who is now into beauty products (sells cream) says Jamil has not been responsible for the upkeep of 'their' son and yet he has the guts to mock her on snapchat for selling cream. Chi who obviously got upset because of this claim, took to her IG and called the former police boss' son out.... She said alot... read below.

FACES At The Premiere Of ‘Heaven On My Mind’

Yesterday, Uche Jombo and Ini Edo held the Lagos premiere of their new movie,  ‘Heaven on My Mind’ at the IMAX Cinemas, Lekki Phase 1. Stars of the movie and friends of the actresses all turned out for the movie. More photos below...