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See what Chelsea legend said about Pogba's goal celebration

See what Chelsea legend said about Pogba's goal celebration

France legend Claude Makelele has accused Paul Pogba of disrespecting his opponents with his goal celebrations. The Manchester United scored a double in United's 4-1 win over Bouremouth at Old Trafford and celebrated his goals with his trademark...

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Psychic Reveals His Predictions For 2019, Including A Royal Baby Girl

A Psychic who says he was an Egyptian queen in a past life has Meghan Markle will have a baby girl.

Nicolas Aujula, 33, has predicted an action packed 2019 and also reckons Taylor Swift will get engaged and Philip Hammond will launch a leadership bid.

Nicolas says he has successfully predicted major events ranging from the Syrian conflict to the winner of The Apprentice.

He claims that since his childhood he has been able to sense spirits and see things before they happen, usually through visionary dreams.

Also working as a past life regression therapist, hypnotherapist and psychic astrologer, south Londoner Nicolas has made a number of predictions for the New Year.

He said: “A lot of people have been asking me if Theresa May will stay in power. I don’t follow politics very closely myself, but one name that keeps coming to me is Philip Hammond.

“I don’t know if he’ll come to power himself or just try to, but he’s definitely one to keep an eye on.”

Explaining that it is hard to pinpoint exact dates for his astonishing visions, Nicolas admits that sometimes it is only in hindsight that he can interpret what they meant.

He continued: “I’ll say these predictions are for 2019 and beyond, as some may not necessarily happen next year, but perhaps further in the future.

“The interpretation is just as important as the vision itself. Sometimes, words or images will come to me and I won’t be able to make sense of them until something has happened that makes me look back and realise what I was told.”

Nicolas' top psychic predictions for 2019
• The Royal Baby will be a girl
• Taylor Swift will announce her engagement
• Nicole Kidman will become pregnant
• Sunderland football club will move up a league
• Philip Hammond may launch a leadership bid

My 2018 Was Tough, I Cried Openly In Public Alot- Damilola Adegbite

Damilola Adegbite has explained how part of 2018 was very tough for her and how she cried alot through the year. There was even a time she cried so hard openly in church that she needed to be taken to the pastor's office for special prayers. It's a bit teary... Her words;

''I thought to share my biggest testimony of 2018 with someone somewhere who has lost hope.

I was fighting a serious battle for over a year. A battle I knew I could never ever have won by power nor by might. So instead, I decided to pray HARD about it. Oh dear, I disturbed God on this matter. I would sing, dance, cry, praise,worship; day and night.

A whole year passed and nothing happened. But I refused to give up.

On the 17th of May (a day before my birthday), I went to a mid week service. I dragged myself to church that day. I was overwhelmed. I had no strength left in me. My head kept telling me to give up, but my heart and spirit said NO

There was an altar call in church that day for people who desperately needed God to show up for them. I joined about a hundred other people. I tried to control my emotions. A few tears escaped and I would quickly wipe them away but at some point, I let go. I showed my father, how much pain I was in. For those few minutes, I couldn’t care less which blogger, friend or foe was watching. Damilola Adegbite?! Crying like a baby in church? Me I was ready for the jist to be everywhere by the next day, but I was even more ready to risk it all for a breakthrough. Little did I know, that my day had come.

After the prayers, we got up. My face was a mess so I bent my head and was walking back to my seat. I had taken a few steps when someone touched my shoulder so gently. I turned around and it was my pastor’s wife. Prior to this, I had NEVER met her. She looked at me so kindly and pulled me into her arms, right there in front of the whole church. That was it, I burst into tears like a baby. Before I could even figure out what was happening, I was taken into the pastor’s office and asked to wait to see my pastor and his wife after service. Small me!! To cut the long story short, hmmm, words can never explain. God gave me a MASSIVE ARMY. Spiritual, financial, emotional, every arsenal that I could ever need to fight and win this battle.

Here’s to you my friend. Keep pushing! Don’t loose hope! Refuse to be intimidated! If your hopes and dreams didn’t manifest in 2018, DO NOT GIVE UP! Your time is almost here. Keep holding on ️''

Prince Philip Becomes First Person In The UK To Grow Rare Delicacy After 12 Years Of Trying

Prince Philip is believed to be the first person in the UK to sucessfully grow rare black truffles known as 'black diamonds'.

The Royal has finally achieved his ambition of growing the delicacy at Sandringham after more than a decade of perseverance.

The gastronomic treats have been harvested from Philip's organic 'truffiere' plantation on the Queen's estate in Norfolk where he is spending much of his time during his retirement.

The 97-year-old is believed to have been sharing the delicacies, which have a market price of around £600 a kilogramme, with other members of the Royal Family to savour at meal times.

But some of his prized crop is thought to have found its way to the visitor cafe at Sandringham which has been serving a seasonal £7.95 starter of Sandringham game and Norfolk truffle terrine with pickled vegetables.

Philip spent £5,000 on buying special truffle-impregnated trees in 2006 after being told that the alkaline soil at Sandringham was an ideal environment for them.

He had the 300 oak and hazel saplings planted on a one acre plot beside the Royal fruit farm on the estate, which also produces blackberries for Ribena.

It was revealed in 2009 that two Italian hounds, specially trained to sniff out truffles, had failed to find any in the root systems of the trees.

But Philip who started overseeing the estate after marrying the Queen, carried on regardless and his patience has finally been rewarded in recent years.

Adrian Cole, a director of Truffle UK, which supplied the saplings to Sandringham, said: "They have been highly successful."

How to Disable and Remove Windows 10 Account Sync Settings

Windows 10 lets you synchronize settings on all devices you sign into with your Microsoft Account. Some of these settings include themes, language preferences, and passwords. But what if you don’t want your old settings to transfer over? Here’s how to disable and remove all account Sync settings on Windows 10.

How Do Sync Settings Work?

Sync Settings were first introduced with Windows 8 and are available for any Windows 10 device you sign into with your Microsoft account.

By default, when you enable Sync settings, Windows uploads various system settings and preferences to OneDrive. When you sign in to another device with the same account and on which you’ve also enabled sync settings, those settings all transfer over. It’s really handy if, for example, you like your desktop and laptop to look the same or you want to retain all your settings on a fresh install.

The following is a list of the settings that get synced to your Microsoft account:

  • Theme – Desktop background, user tile, taskbar position, etc.
  • Passwords – Windows credential manager, including Wi-Fi profiles
  • Language Preferences – Spelling dictionary, system language settings
  • Ease of Access – Narrator, on-screen keyboard, magnifier
  • Other Windows SettingsA full list of Other Windows Settings

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How to Disable Account Sync Settings on a Device

Disabling Sync settings in Windows 10 lets you limit what information Microsoft sends to the cloud and stores on their servers. Whether you want to disable a single setting or stop syncing altogether, this is how you can gain control of your settings once and for all.

Note: If you have multiple devices that all use Sync settings with your Microsoft account, you need to follow these steps for each device to disable and remove Sync settings completely.

Open up the Settings app by clicking the Start button and then the Settings cog. You can also press Win+I.

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Pogba finally discloses the biggest difference between Mourinho and Solskjaer

Pogba finally discloses the biggest difference between Mourinho and Solskjaer

Manchester United star, Paul Pogba, has finally broken his silence on the biggest difference between former manager Jose Mourinho and his successor Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Pogba has been in top form since the arrival of Solskjaer at United, scoring...

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Former Real Madrid star reveals the beautiful thing Ronaldo did for Madrid staff

Former Real Madrid star reveals the beautiful thing Ronaldo did for Madrid staff

Brazil legend Kaka revealed his former Real Madrid teammate Cristiano Ronaldo once bought 15 phones for staffs of the club. Ronaldo and Kaka both joined Los Blancos in the summer of 2009 and played for four seasons together. The Brazilian joined the...

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Klopp makes big revelation amid Salah's diving claims after Liverpool's win against Arsenal

Klopp makes big revelation amid Salah's diving claims after Liverpool's win against Arsenal

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is refusing to be persuaded that his players are divers after two controversial incidents concerning Mohamed Salah in the Reds last two Premier League fixtures. According to a UK Metro report, the German tactician while...

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Arsenal superstar told to leave the club because of manager Unai Emery

Arsenal superstar told to leave the club because of manager Unai Emery

Egyptian professional football star Mohamed Elneny has been advised by his former coach Hamdy Nouh to leave Arsenal for him to have his career back on track. Since current Arsenal manager Unai Emery took over at the Emirates, Mohamed Elneny has only...

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Product Of The Year: The Google Home Hub

How to Take Photos of Fireworks

There’s nothing like a loud bang and a bright flash of light to really make an occasion feel special. New Year’s Eve, Halloween, and of course, the Fourth of July are all celebrated with fireworks. They’re a pretty tricky subject to photograph, though, so let’s break down what you need to know.

What Makes a Good Firework Photo?

For all the flash and bang in real life, fireworks on their own are a pretty boring photo subject. Totally isolated, they look like something computer generated. Instead, the best firework photos have something else happening in the image. It might be people in the foreground or just the fireworks bursting over a city, but there’s something else going on.

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When the pyrotechnicians let off fireworks, they do it to get the best show. This means that fireworks are let off individually or in small bursts one after the other. It’s rare that the whole sky will be filled all at once. This looks great in real life, but in a photo, a single firework going off looks anticlimactic. Most firework photos are actually long exposure images that capture all the fireworks that went off over a 10 second, 20 second, or even longer period.

The Technical Stuff

To capture a photo of fireworks, you’ve got two options: the first (and the bad one) is to hand-hold your camera and try and time a photo so you capture the fireworks as they go off. The second (and good solution) is to set your camera up on a tripod and use a long exposure time so that the fireworks burst at some point during it. This is the method I’ll be discussing.

For the best photos, get to the location of the firework display early, before the sun has fully gone down. Set up your tripod and frame the shot where you think the fireworks are going to be. You might need to adjust things later, but getting there early will let you get the best position and angle.

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Check Out Jude Ighalo’s New Lekki Mansion [Photos]

Dem finish work for here! More beautiful photos below...

Stop Being Too Available, Tonto Dikeh Advises As We Enter 2019...

Lmao! This is SO SO TRUE. See finish no dey help! Be where God has placed you, let them call it pride, it’s where your father in heaven has placed you.

Seriously? Boko Haram Takes Over 6 Big Towns... Army & Navy Commanders Flee

Despite denials by the Nigerian military, Boko Haram fighters actually seized Baga, Doron-Baga, Kross Kawwa, Bunduran, Kekeno and Kukawa towns of Borno State after three days of fierce battles from Wednesday to Friday last week, Daily Trust learnt from impeccable military and political sources in Maiduguri.

All six towns are major population centres in Kukawa local government area of northern Borno. There are currently no Nigerian or Multinational forces in the areas, Daily Trust learnt from multiple sources last night.

The insurgents, driving in a convoy of more than ten fighter vehicles, used the main road from Kros Kawwa to launch coordinated attacks on Wednesday last week, December 26. They overrun the Multinational ‎forces’ headquarters, a naval fighting base and a Marine Police base in some of the attacked areas, the sources said.

The insurgents first attacked a base of the multinational forces located in Mile Four (an area outside Baga town) at about 4pm and the military responded. Fighting took place till midnight after which the insurgents took control of the military base while our soldiers retreated. Commander of the multinational force, whose name was given as Brigadier General Hassan, was said to have escaped at night to a police base in Baga town alongside some of his men.

The following day, Thursday, the Nigerian military deployed fighter jets between 6 to 7am, bombing the multinational forces base hoping to prevent Boko Haram from carting away weapons in case they didn’t do that the previous night. ‎The insurgents, said multiple sources, then attacked Mile Three, where the Navy had a fighting base, close to the military. The Navy was said to have put up stiff resistance but eventually lost control on Thursday. A commander of the base whose name was given as Air Commodore Degel escaped to Monguno.

On Friday, the insurgents moved to another naval base located about three kilometers north of Baga in an area popularly called Fish Dam on shores of the Lake Chad, through which imports and exports take place between Nigerians and Chadians. The naval fighters weresafeguarding Nigerian waterways which the insurgents occasionally attempted to usein order to attack communities. The insurgents took over the base after a fight, it was learned. About 40 naval fighters escaped on a ship and local boats through portions of Lake Chad to a village called Kaiga in the Republic of Chad, where they were received by Chadian authorities.

The navy fighters, sources said, tried to escape with weapons into the lake even though the insurgents may have had their hands on some. The insurgents entered Baga town and attacked a marine police station on Thursday. They however spared residents, saying they were after military and civilian JTF fighters. The insurgents gave civilians the choice to stay or to freely leave the town. Majority of residents numbering about 2,000 trekked sixty kilometres to Monguno using bush paths. Commander of the Multinational forces and members of the civilian JTF were said to have joined the residents, whose knowledge of the terrain helped the party to reach Monguno.

Daily Trust learnt that only a trailer driver was killed by the insurgents when he was seen carrying soldiers who jumped into the truck in an attempt to escape. It was not clear what happened to the soldiers.

Sources added that the insurgents were also in Doron-Baga where hundreds of residents fled through the lake on local boats. ‎The residents are said to be taking refuge in a border village under the control of Chadian authorities. 

On Friday, the insurgents made attempts to takeover the army’s 8th Brigade in Monguno town but the military repelled them. The insurgents however overran an army base in Kekeno (a town in Kukawa local government area), our sources said. The sources said the insurgents are currently in control of the six major towns in Kukawa making them in full control of the local government area with water ways accessing Chad. It was gathered that weak old men and women are currently trapped in the six towns even though majority have freely left.

Daily Trust reporters in Maiduguri said yesterday that tens of thousands of the residents of the fishing and farming communities that fled out of Doro and Baga, thousands still missing in the bush between Baga and Maiduguri. Thousands who made it to Maiduguri by both trekking and motor commuting have gathered adjacent to the popular Baga Road Market, Maiduguri, over the last couple of days, sleeping in the open, partly waiting for the possible arrival of their missing relations.

A Borno State Civilian JTF leader in Borno State told Daily Trust yesterday, “As I am talking to you now, you cannot find 300 residents in Baga and Doro and other communities put together.” He added, “Soldiers themselves fled from the Kukawa LGA communities (including Baga and Doro) to Monguno on Friday, but a military reinforcement was quickly mobilised there between Saturday and Sunday. While thousands have found their way to Maiduguri from Baga and Doro and surrounding communities, my members have reliably reported to me that no fewer than two thousand fled to Yobe State through through Damasak and Gaidam.

“The Divisional Police Station at Baga is empty as the DPO and his men there fled because an insurgent happened to be arrested by the police and his fellow insurgents had vowed to get him out at whatever cost. This is the much I can tell you. Security there is very fragile and, if there are people there at all, they may not be up to 500 as at today (Sunday),” he said.

Since Saturday, the usually vehicle-packed space adjacent to Baga Road Market, Maiduguri has been heavily crowded by the fleers. Some of them recounted their ordeal to Daily Trust.”As I am speaking to you now, thousands of our returnees, including my father and mother and many of my family members and friends, are still missing in the bush between Lake Chad and Maiduguri,” Muhammad Bukar from Kangarwa near Baga said.

“The insurgents invaded our town on Wednesday,” Garba Adam of Doron Baga said. “When they came, they told us not to fear, that the town had now become part of Daula [Islamic State], and that whoever wished to stay as a resident of the Daula could do so and whoever wished to leave could also do so.So on Thursday, we left the town.Residents fled in different directions.”

Borno State Government, which was celebrating the rebuilding of communities and return of IDPs to the seized towns in Kukawa, has now been forced to establish new camps for displaced persons. The State Emergency Management Agency and humanitarian workers are engaged in settling displaced persons in camps with medical and food supplies. Displaced persons had earlier been resettled in 14 of the 20 local government areas once controled by Boko Haram. Over 30,000 homes, hospitals, water installations, schools and palaces of traditional rulers were rebuild before displaced persons returned.

The UN and other international development agencies were initially against the return of displaced persons until the Nigerian military gave assurances. Apart from Kukawa, 13 other local government areas where displaced persons returned are under the military even though there are reports of fears in areas like Bama, Ngala and Mobbar LGAs which were hitherto occupied as well.

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Emir Sanusi's Son Weds Beautiful Hearthrob In Kano (Photos)

Prince Aminu Sanusi Lamido, son of the Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II has married his heartthrob, Zainab Ali Bashir.

The wedding Fatiha took place in Nassarawa GRA Kano on Saturday 29th December, 2018. See beautiful pics...

Prince Sanusi is an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP). The bride is the daughter of Dr Sani Ali Bashir.

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Lock Down Your Tech in 2019 With These Resolutions

If you’re a human person who occasionally engages in commerce, hackers are probably targeting you. This year, resolve to do something about it.

You know you need to take better care of your personal information, but you keep putting it off. It’s understandable, but this is the year you take your security into your own hands. Here are seven resolutions you can make to lock down your data in 2018. Like going to the gym regularly, it might be annoying to get started, but you’ll be better off once you build better habits.

Use a Freaking Password Manager

Re-using passwords is a very, very bad idea. Sure, having the same password everywhere makes it easier for you to remember, but it means that one site’s security leak compromises all of your accounts. To stay secure, you’d have to change all your passwords every time any service you use is compromised, which is not feasible.

This is why you need to use a different password for every site, and a password manager can help you do that. LastPass is a popular free choice, but there are some solid options out there that are easy to set up and use.

Stop putting this off. Everything you do online is at risk until you stop re-using passwords, and password managers make doing so simple.

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Lock Down Important Accounts With Two-Factor Authentication

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22-Year Old Joy Who Just Won 'Face Of Nigeria' 2018 Shows Off Her Lagos Mansion [Photos]

Queen Joy Nguma who emerged winner at the just concluded FACE OF NIGERIA 2018 final is at the completion of her semi mansion in Lagos.  Just 22, Joy also has an NGO where she reaches ot to the needy.

She is also an Entrepreneur and interior decorator.

3 Dead, 79 Missing After Gas Explosion Rocks Residential Building In Russia Today

Three people were killed and another 79 were unaccounted for after a gas explosion rocked a residential building in Russia today, leaving hundreds without a home in freezing temperatures on New Year's Eve.

An entire section of the 12-storey residential building collapsed when a gas explosion tore through the high-rise in the industrial city of Magnitogorsk nearly 1,700 kilometres (1,050 miles) east of Moscow in the Ural mountains.

"Three people have been pulled alive from the rubble and three are dead," Boris Dubrovsky, governor of the Chelyabinsk region where the city is located, said in a statement.

Officials said that the fate of 79 people was unclear, with police working to locate their whereabouts.
The Soviet-era high-rise was built in 1973 and was home to around 1,100 people. The residents have been evacuated.

New Episode: The Orville Season 2 Episode 1 - Ja'loja

New Episode: The Orville Season 2 Episode 1 - Ja'loja

As The Orville heads towards Moclus for Bortus' special once-a-year ceremony, Ed discovers Kelly has moved on and has started dating. Meanwhile, Gordon asks for John's help in getting game, and Claire turns to Isaac for parenting advice. The Orville...

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New Episode: Les Misérables (2018) Season 1 Episode 1

New Episode: Les Misérables (2018) Season 1 Episode 1

In war-torn France, convict Jean Valjean and seamstress Fantine must decide their futures. Valjean's past continues to haunt him. Fantine meets the love of her life. Les Misérables (2018) Season Number: 1 Episode Number: 1 Air Date: Dec 30, 2018...

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Man (53) ‘Rapes’ Four-Year-Old Girl

A 53-year old man from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe has appeared in court for allegedly r*ping his neighbour’s four-year-old daughter after he found her playing alone outside his house.

The man, a Pumula South suburb resident allegedly r*ped the minor twice in his bedroom.

The man who cannot be named to protect the identity of the minor allegedly grabbed the girl while she was playing outside his house and took her inside before raping her.

The accused person was not asked to plead to r*pe charges when he appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Lungile Ncube.

Mr Ncube remanded him in custody to January 4 and advised him to apply for bail at the High Court.

The State led by Mr Kenneth Shava alleges that on December 17 during the day, the girl was playing alone outside the man’s house.

“He lifted her and took her into his house. While inside his bedroom he removed her trousers and pant and molested her once. He then lifted the girl and put her on the bed and again sexually abused her once,” said Mr Shava.

The girl was medically examined and a medical report will be used as exhibit in court.

Movie: Johnny (2018) [Indian]

Movie: Johnny (2018) [Indian]

An ambitious man becomes a murderer when he sets out to rob a huge sum. He is forced to indulge in more crimes to hide the first murder he had committed. Johnny (2018) Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller Release Date: Dec 14, 2018 Stars: Prashanth,...

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Lion Kills Intern At US Wildlife Park

A lion attacked and killed a young American woman who had just started working at the facility where it was kept, the centre said Sunday.

Alexandra Black, 22, was passionate about wildlife and had worked just 10 days as in intern at the facility in Burlington, North Carolina.

“The Conservators Center is devastated by the loss of a human life today,” it said in a statement.

“While a husbandry team led by a professionally trained animal keeper was carrying out a routine enclosure cleaning, one of the lions somehow left a locked space and entered the space the humans were in and quickly killed one person.

“It is unclear at this time how the lion left the locked enclosure. At no time did the lion ever enter a space that was not enclosed by the park’s perimeter fence,” the statement added, expressing its condolences to Black’s family and announcing it would close temporarily.

The lion was killed so Black could be retrieved, the center said.